johnkarma's Journal

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I'm Andrew - I'm from Ennis.

My media consumption diet is very heavy :)

I read the world newspapers every day if possible: that is to say:

ireland.com guardian.co.uk, newyorktimes.com, lemonde.fr, washingtonpost.com .. and countless others.

I'm obsessed with music - my favourite artists at the moment (off the top of my head) are The Rapture, Radiohead (of course), Outkast, Blur, Aphex Twin and Tom Waits.

I also love BBC and RTE radio.

I guess I'm an old man really, my idea of a good time is the newspaper, the radio and a cup of tea.

My favourite authors are Flann O'Brien, Franz Kafka, Douglas Coupland and Edgar Allan Poe.

As for films - I'm a massive Coen Brothers fan. Aside from that, my favourite films are the Royal Tenebaums, Spinal Tap, The Third Man and Blade Runner.

I also enjoy messing around with music software on my PC and writing songs - I play the guitar (kind of) and occasionally mess with the piano.